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The importance of technical assistance

Technical assistance from 2008

Investing in the mini wind power, means allowing the plant to work at its best with excellent performance for at least 20 years. In order to let that happen, periodic technical interventions are necessary to keep the aero generator in good condition and to guarantee the best performance over time.

TrEolica, always ahead with technological progress and with new regulations, provides a highly qualified technical staff for a 360 ° service and throughout the life of the residential plant, condominium or industrial. After many years of experience in the mini wind, working side by side with partnerships like Kingspan Wind, C & F and Gaia-Wind, we have created a company and a technical support network able to provide assistance to our customers throughout Italy

After-sales assistance guarantees users of mini-wind plants as following:

    Safety for people and surrounding things.

    Safety against electric shock due to direct and indirect contacts on the wind turbine.

    Limitation of extraordinary expenses, through the programmed analysis of the main components of the plant.

    Higher reliability, duration and economic viability of the turbine.

    Reduction of still machine.



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